Vocal Solo

Klar b├Ąck (2022) c. 7:00

I. Back to Nature (1:45)

II. Unafraid (2:30)

III. We Must Leave Them Behind (2:10)

For alto voice, harp, and frame drum. Text by E. F. Hayward. Alternate arr. for tenor voice, piano, and frame drum.

  • To be performed Apr. 27, 2023 at the North Texas Review Literary and Fine Arts Journal Reception in the UNT Jade Ballroom
  • Performed Feb. 6, 2023 by Helena Vassiliades and Zoe O’Shaughnessy in the UNT Voertman Concert Hall
  • Performed Nov. 28, 2022 by ” ” in the UNT Voertman Concert Hall

Encant (2021) c. 5:00

I. The Siren’s Song (2:00)

II. The Hulder’s Song (2:20)

For two solo voices a capella. With some text by Kate Holly-Clark.

  • Performed Oct. 25 2021, by Julian Yanas & Savana Singleton in UNT Recital Hall
  • Performed Feb. 28 2022, by Julian Yanas & Danielle Harington at UNT NASM Showcase
  • The Hulder’s Song performed Nov. 12, 2022 by Anna Poole