Instrumental Solo

Under a Starry Sky 星星哈, 数呀过 (2023) c. 13:30

I. Lake and Mountains 山、湖 (4:00)

II. Yellow Valleys 峡 (5:15)

III. Town 乡 (4:15)

For solo alto saxophone with piano accompaniment. Dedicated to Jiawei Liang (梁家玮)

  • Performed Mar. 3, 2024 by Jiawei Liang and David McCulley
  • Performed Oct. 2023 by Jiawei Liang (梁家玮)

The Banshee 2: Electric Boogaloo (2020) c. 2:00

For solo string piano.

  • Performed on Sep. 27, 2020, by Alistair Forsyth at the Dripping Springs First Baptist Church, in Dripping Springs, Texas

Raconteur (2019) c. 3:40

For solo tenor saxophone and piano. Revised 2022 edition for solo baritone saxophone and piano.

  • Performed Dec 10, 2019, by Landon Chang and Natalio Casteñeda in the MEIT
  • Bari Sax v. performed Mar. 21, 2022, by Beige Cowell and Matthew Wilkinson in the UNT Recital Hall